Welcome to RUMOCO

The RUMOCO is abbreviation of RU gged MO bile CO mputers. Our company offers a spread spectrum of rugged mobile computing solutions like rugged notebooks, rugged tablet PCs, rugged PDA, rugged marine PCs, rugged vehicle PCs and other. They could be used in diverse applications: transport, military, industrial, marine, warehouse, field service, public safety.

What we understand under a “ruggedised” computer and which differences it has. They have been engeniered to survive in the outdoors, dust oder water storm and be able to operate in hard temperature conditions. A few of the most features:

Heavy-duty chassis

Sealed, water and dustproof keyboards

Fan-less (passive) cooling systems

High-brightness daylight readable LCD

Comply with industrial and military standarts

Reliability of our rugged products allow users to take ‘value-add' and keep their critical applications on its.


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